About Us

“In class, you’ll find us being anything from; silly to serious, chilled to crazy, or tall to tiny.”

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Swing Dance Cork is a dance school in Cork and beyond, teaching lessons in the vintage Jazz dances; Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz. See below to find out more about the teachers.

Swing Dance Cork – A Sneak Peek from Swing Dance cork on Vimeo.


Rachel loves to dance with everyone and strongly believes that along with good technique, fun, and improvisation should rule the social dance floor. She is always working to improve her dance technique, both partnered and solo.  She found swing dancing back in 2010 and  knew  immediately that it was “her” dance. She loves going to dance workshops and the term “dance holiday”  has taken her all over Europe. In 2016 she took a break to have two of the tiniest lindy hoppers on the planet and has now returned to teaching with Tom and Maeve.


Tom likes solid technique, improvisation, and good Craic on the dance floor.Tom

He found Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing in 2010. At first, it was a daunting experience having not ever done any form of dancing before, but before long he came to love this dance and Swing music; for its improvisational nature, the connection that one has with a partner and music- becoming ‘one’ even as we remain two individuals, and also the juxtaposition that this dance is both serious and silly at the same time!

With an extensive background in the Martial Arts, he has a good knowledge of the body; how we create and use energy in the body as well as good movement to make relaxed and enjoyable dances. This combined with over 10 years of teaching experience to people of all ages and in such subjects as; Dance, Mathematics, English and Karate- this gives him a good pool of knowledge and experience to draw from, as well as a unique perspective to give you fun, enjoyable and interesting classes. He is also constantly exploring the dance, refining his technique and working on his own dancing to bring you up to date and excitingly progressive classes.

Tom also loves listening, dancing and exploring Jazz music, and believes that the music we dance to is important, as it defines and inspires us to do the movements that we do.


Maeve has enjoyed being part of the swing dance community in Cork for the last number of years and is pretty much addicted to it now. In late 2015 she began teaching at Swing Dance Cork and is delighted to be part of the team. She enjoys watching students progress throughout the courses and the great buzz and rapport in class.