Big Apple Workshop at the Cricket Club

Let’s learn the Big Apple Routine – one of the most fun and energetic classic Solo Jazz and Charleston Routines.

We will break the day into two sessions; “Big Apple Part 1” and “Big Apple Part 2”.
“Big Apple Part 1” will be suitable for all dancers of any level, it as some great steps in it that are simple and easy to learn.
“Big Apple Part 2” also known as the bit where everyone runs away. 😉 Here I welcome all dancers who want to challenge themselves, and get stuck into some cool Rhythms and shapes!

Saturday the 13th of January 2018 at the Cricket Club, Cork
11am-1pm: Big Apple Part 1
2pm – 5pm: Big Apple Part 2

€15 for Big Apple Part 1
€20 for Big Apple Part 2
€25 for both sessions.

Big Apple Registration

Big Apple Registration

Registration for the Big Apple Workshop 13th Jan 2018