Class Information – Thursday

New courses starting June 29, see details below.


TIMES 7.30 p.m. – 8.40 p.m. 8.50 p.m. – 10 p.m. 10 p.m. – 11 p.m.

4 weeks

(June 29 – July 20 )

Level 1 –30’s Charleston

for Complete Beginners/Beginner Plus

Level 2 – Lindy Hop – Social Dancing Essentials Take 2

for Improver/Intermediate dancers

Social Time

@7.30 Level 1:  30’s Charleston

What: This course will teach you how to dance with another person in a lead/follow relationship to Swing Jazz music. You will learn Swing Rhythm and Shapes including; Basic 30’s Charleston, Skip Up with turns, and some rotational moves.

Who: This course is for those who are new to Swing and Charleston, and those who have taken some Swing lessons and want to consolidate their basics. This will also be perfect for those who have just completed our 4-week Lindy Hop Social Dancing Essentials course.

Price: €35 for the 4 weeks, or €10 per class. *COUPLE SPECIAL* €60 per couple.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 


One of my favourite songs to dance to, a routine.

@8.50 Level 2 – Lindy Hop: Social Dancing Essentials Part 2

What: We will be learning some grooves, moves and movements that are often seen on the social dance floor. We will be covering topics such as; groove and triple step, circle walking, cuddle hold with entrance and exit options.

Who: This course is for those who have done Level 2 previously, as well as those who have done at least 3 months of classes or equivalent. If you have done the previous Lindy Hop: Social Dancing Essentials and are comfortable with the material there, this class might just be for you.

Price: €35 for the 4 weeks, or €10 per class. *COUPLE SPECIAL*  €60 per couple.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

What’s this? 

As a Dance School, we would like for you to have, space and an opportunity to practice what you are learning, outside of the regular classes. This hour is FREE for all our students; to practice, to ask us questions, to social dance or generally hang out with friends from class.

If you’d like to join, no need to register, just turn up on the day. All levels of dancer are welcome!