Class Information – Tuesday

8 week courses starting in the New Year!

From January 9th until February 27th, 2018.



TIMES 7.30 p.m. – 8.40 p.m. 8.50 p.m. – 10 p.m.

8-week course

(Jan 9 – Feb 27)

Social Dancing Essentials

Level 1 – Suitable for Absolute Beginners

Swing  Practice Session

For Level 2 dancers and up.



@7.30 Social Dancing Essentials

What: Over the 8 weeks we will learn to dance with another person in a Lead/Follow relationship to Swing Jazz music. Expect to be dancing to various tempos of Swing Jazz music, from the great Count Basie’s Alright Ok you win with Joe Williams on vocals, to the smooth “Just a-Sittin’ and a-Rockin’” by the magnificent Duke Ellington. We will show you some shapes, Rhythms, and moves, that is the bread and butter of Social dancing.

In the meantime enjoy this social dance from two dancers coming to Cork for Spring Stomp 2018!


Who: This course is suitable for absolute beginners.

Price: See Below

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

Registration: Booking is essential! To secure a place send an email to SWINGDANCECORK@GMAIL.COM or click below.


@8.50 Level 2 upwards: Swing Practice Session

What: At this time, we will use the space as a practice session. We will bring ideas and guide/facilitate/help, and give an overall structure to the session. We will be working on our partnered dancing, but also, in addition, this time we will be to bring more solo into our partnered dancing.

Who: This is for those in Level 2 classes upwards. One would be expected to be comfortable with basic Lindy Hop Shapes and Rhythm (e.g. Swing Out, Circle, closed gliding etc…) and some Basic Charleston as well.

Price: €5 per session.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

Registration: To secure a place send an email to SWINGDANCECORK@GMAIL.COM or click below.



  • €70 per person for an 8-week course. (€100 for two concurrent 8-week courses)
  • €120 *Couple Special* per couple for an 8-week course. (Leader and Follower registering together)
  • €12 drop-in rate per class.
  • €15 drop-in rate for 2 classes in the one week.