Class Information – Tuesday

harlestonWe are currently in the midst of courses. However new ones will start from May 30 / June 1 – details below.



TIMES 7.30 p.m. – 8.40 p.m. 8.50 p.m. – 10 p.m. 10 p.m. – 11 p.m.

4-week course

(May 30  – June 20)

Level 2 – Charleston & Lindy Hop: Hand to Hand and more…

for Improver/Intermediate dancers

Level 3 – Sugar Pushes/Send Outs – Stretch and Compression

for Intermediate/Advanced dancers

Office Hours/Open Practice



@7.30 Level 2- Lindy Hop & CHarleston: Hand to hand and more…

What: This course will explore how we dance with another person in a lead/follow relationship, and break down one of a classic move in Charleston- Hand to Hand. We will also be mixing Swing Outs and Charleston in this one so that you can see how we can transition between the two.

We will also review the solo Jazz routine called the ‘Shim Sham’ – a classic one that is done at nearly all Swing Dance socials around the world, and also is good for your dancing is general.

Who: This course is for those who have been taking classes in Swing and Lindy Hop over the past few months,  it will be a natural continuation of the last course at this time!

Price: €35 for the 4 weeks, or €10 drop in. *COUPLE SPECIAL* €60 per couple.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 


From a few years ago, some super dancing with Swing Outs and Hand to Hand Charleston – can you spot the first one?


@8.45 Level 3: Sugar Pushes and Send outs

What: We shall be taking some of the classic Lindy Hop Shapes, including Sugar Pushes and Send Outs, and working on styling, stretch, and variations within.

Who: This course is for those who are very comfortable with Basic Swing Charleston/Lindy Hop Rhythms and Shapes, have at least 6 months or more under their belt of classes and social dance when they can. One would be expected to know a basic Swing Out and variations, Basic Charleston and variations, simple turns and are able to social dance with relative ease.

Price: €35 for the 4 weeks, per person. *COUPLE SPECIAL*  €60 per couple.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

Registration: To secure a place send an email to SWINGDANCECORK@GMAIL.COM or click below, (we are also asking that you try and sign up with a partner – please use Facebook or email us to pair you up with another person to try and keep numbers as even as possible).


Who can catch the first sugar push in this video??

What’s this? 

As a Dance School, we would like for you to have space and an opportunity to practice what you are learning, outside of the regular classes. This hour is FREE for all our students; to practice, to ask us questions, to social dance or generally hang out with friends from class.

If you’d like to join, no need to register, just turn up on the day. All levels of dancer are welcome!