Class Information – Tuesday

New 6 week courses will start November 7th.



TIMES 7.30 p.m. – 8.40 p.m. 8.50 p.m. – 10 p.m.

6-week course

(Nov 7 – Dec 12)


ABC’s of Solo Jazz and Charleston

For All Levels


Swing  Practice Session

For Level 2 dancers and up.



@7.30 ABC’s of SOlo JAzz and Charleston

What: Over the 6 weeks we will learn a bunch of classic Charleston and Vernacular Jazz steps. This time I am inspired to go through some of the alphabet of Jazz steps, e.g. Apple Jacks, Break Step, Camel Walks, etc…  and put them together in short flows/routines.

We feel that solo dancing is connected to and part of partnered Swing dancing in general, and we believe one of the best ways to get better at Lindy Hop is to work on one’s solo dancing!

Here’s one outstanding Solo Jazz and Charleston performance – Enjoy!

Who: This course is suitable for all levels of dancer, from beginner to advanced, there will be something for everyone.

Price: See Below

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

Registration: To secure a place send an email to SWINGDANCECORK@GMAIL.COM or click below.




@8.50 Level 2 upwards: Swing Practice Session

What: At this time, we will use the space as a practice session. We will bring ideas and guide/facilitate/help, and give an overall structure to the session.

Who: This is for those in Level 2 classes upwards. One would be expected to be comfortable with basic Lindy Hop Shapes and Rhythm (e.g. Swing Out, Circle, closed gliding etc…) and some Basic Charleston as well.

Price: €5 per session.

Venue: Cork County Cricket Club 

Registration: To secure a place send an email to SWINGDANCECORK@GMAIL.COM or click below.



  • €50 per person for a 6-week course. (€75 for two concurrent 6-week courses)
  • €85 *Couple Special* per couple for a 6-week course. (Leader and Follower registering together)
  • €12 drop in rate per class.
  • €15 drop in rate for 2 classes in the one week.